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Author:   Jane Hightower
Title:      Stone Empowerment
This book facilitates the use of stones in different ways: for your healing and health or to augment other interests you have. Stone descriptions are by category so each bit is easy to find. There is a list of over 3,000 body/mind/spirit issues and the stones that balance them. The instructions for use support the beginner and the depth of information pleases the adept. It is time to experience the power of the Mineral Folk.  
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Author:   NO AUTHOR
Title:      Whiteman Air Force Base (AFB), Deactivation of the Minuteman II Missile Wing
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Author:   Nicholas Petraco
Title:      Color Atlas and Manual of Microscopy for Criminalists, Chemists, and Conservators
Professionals in many disciplines, from archeology to forensic science and anthropology, must be able to identify organic and inorganic fibers and particles. In a single source, this book presents a range of simple methods to help readers quickly characterize and identify a broad range of materials. Covering substances such as hair and fibers, mine  
Reviews: 9780203494394
Author:   Gail A. Butler
Title:      Rockhounding California
A complete guide and source-book brimming with advice on collecting and preparing gems and minerals .  
Reviews: 9780762786237
Author:   James R. Mitchell
Title:      The Rockhound's Handbook
Learn about rock and mineral formation, tools, identification, finding minerals in the field, legal aspects, preparation and preservation, cutting and polishing, and making jewelry from your finds. Numerous illustrations and B/W photos.  
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Author:   NO AUTHOR
Title:      Ornament
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Author:   Jules Janick
Title:      Unraveling the Voynich Codex
Unraveling the Voynich Codex reviews the historical, botanical, zoological, and iconographic evidence related to the Voynich Codex, one of the most enigmatic historic texts of all time. The bizarre Voynich Codex has often been referred to as the most mysterious book in the world. Discovered in an Italian Catholic college in 1912 by a Polish book dealer Wilfrid Voynich, it was eventually bequeathed to the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library of Yale University. It contains symbolic language that has defied translation by eminent cryptologists. The codex is encyclopedic in scope and contains sections known as herbal, pharmaceutical, balenological (nude nymphs bathing in pools), astrological, cosmological and a final section of text that may be prescriptions but could be poetry or incantations. Because the vellum has been carbon dated to the early 15th century and the manuscript was known to be in the collection of Emperor Rudolf II of the Holy Roman Empire sometime between 1607 and 1622, current dogma had assumed it a European manuscript of the 15th century. However, based on identification of New World plants, animals, a mineral, as well as cities and volcanos of Central Mexico, the authors of this book reveal that the codex is clearly a document of colonial New Spain. Furthermore, the illustrator and author are identified as native to Mesoamerica based on a name and ligated initials in the first botanical illustration. This breakthrough in Voynich studies indicates that the failure to decipher the manuscript has been the result of a basic misinterpretation of its origin in time and place. Tentative assignment of the Voynichese symbols also provides a key to decipherment based on Mesoamerican languages. A document from this time, free from filter or censor from either Spanish or Inquisitorial authorities has major importance in our understanding of life in 16th century Mexico. Publisher's Note: For the eBook editions, Voynichese symbols are only rendered properly in the PDF format.  
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Author:   Geoscience Information Society
Title:      Proceedings
Reviews: STANFORD:36105017685707
Author:   Geoscience Information Society. Meeting
Title:      Changing Gateways
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Author:   Library of Congress
Title:      Library of Congress Catalogs
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